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The Dial display is similar in appearance to an automobile speedometer (mechanical type). The Control has other settings such as Thresholds to alert users when certain limits are passed.

Dial Gauge Configuration Fields

Using the Configuration Section for a Dial, you can add or select options.

Name – the label that appears at the top of the control (required).

Comments – free-form text for the person who adds the Control. It does not display on the Control itself.

Query Method – the source of the Query either from WebTMA modules or the SQL Custom queries.

Base Window – used to select the module where your data Query is stored such as Work Order, Equipment, and Vehicle. Queries are created and saved using the Find flyout for the module.

Base Query – used to select a saved Query from the selected window.

Start Value – exclusive to the Dial Control, this tells the system the number with which you want to start your measurements. The default Start Value is zero, but you can select a higher number.

End Value – exclusive to the Dial Control. Sets the maximum number of records to be shown on the control.

Icon – an optional feature that, when present on the Dial Gauge Control can be clicked to show details about the underlying data.

Threshold Value – the highest allowable value before triggering a warning that the upper limit has been passed.

How to Add Dial Controls

  1. Follow the steps in How to Add Dashboard Controls to create a basic Control.
  2. Enter the Name.
  3. Select the Query Method.
  4. Select the Base Window and Base Query or the Custom Query.
  5. (Optional) Set a Start Value and End Value for the dial.
  6. (Optional) Select an Icon to display in the upper left corner of the Control. You can click Icons for additional information.
  7. (Optional) Set Threshold Value if needed.
  8. Click the Save button on the flyout.
  9. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

How to Add or Remove Icons for Dial Gauges


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