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Typically, Rentals are converted from Reservations, i.e., click the Convert link on the Reservation window Action Menu.

Although Rentals can be completed as a stand-alone record (without a previous Reservation), this is not advisable unless you wish to take immediate possession of the item or location.

Rental information tracks details about the item's use and check-in. If check-in Tasks are applied to an item, you can create a check-in Work Order when the item is returned. See How to Make Rental Returns.

Information in the Requestor Information Section comes from the Requestor's record.

WebTMA products for healthcare licensees include Device Types as a maintenance-worthy item that can be rented.

How to Create a New Rental

To complete a new Rental record for immediate use, follow these instructions. If you have converted a Reservation, most information is automatically populated on the Rentals window.

On the Rentals window:

  1. Click Add on the WebTMA toolbar.

  2. Select the Agent.

  3. Select the Requestor.

  4. Select the Repair Center.

  5. Complete as many elective fields as possible. For definitions, see Rental Window Elective Fields.

  6. Click the Add Resource link in the Resources Section.

  7. Go to the next topic, How to Complete Rental Resource Entry.

How to Complete Rental Resource Entry

Follow the steps in How to Create a New Rental. When you click the Add Resource link, the Rental Resource Entry flyout opens.

  1. Select the Rental Start and Rental End fields.

  2. Select the Item Type and specific item.

  3. Select the Billing Start date and time. This is the time the renter takes possession of the item.

  4. Select the Billing Rate Type. If rates are set up on the [Item] Types window, your selection in this field automatically populates the rate fields with the defaults.

  5. Check the Billing Rate box (at the right of the field). Unless checked, charges are not calculated for the Rental.

  6. Complete other fields as needed. For definitions, see Rental Resource Entry Fields.

  7. Click the Save button on the window.

  8. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

Meters apply to Rentals, such as copy machines, that have a metering device for tracking. You have the option to charge by metered unit, a flat rate for time used, or a combination of both. To charge for both, check both the Billing Rate and the Meter Rate boxes.

NOTE: If you want to charge for the Rental, be sure to mark the check box at the right of the Billing Rate field. The Use Mileage Rate if Greater check box applies only to Vehicle rentals.

Rentals Record Restrictions

The following restrictions apply:

  • The tag number cannot be changed after the Rental has been saved with a Billing Start date and time.

  • If the Rental has a saved Billing End date and time for a line item, no changes can be made to the item.

  • The Billing Start date and time fields cannot be cleared once a Rental record is saved.

  • The saved Billing End date and time cannot be cleared once a Rental record is saved.

How to Make Rental Returns

When a rented item is returned, follow these steps on the Rentals window:

  1. Locate the desired Rental record.

  2. Click Edit on the WebTMA toolbar.

  3. Click the pencil icon for a line item.

  4. Change the Billing End date as needed or accept the default (system clock date and time).

  5. (Optional) Add a New Reading for the meter if the Meter Rate is used.

  6. Click the Save button on the flyout.

  7. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

In View mode, you can create a Work Order using the default Task established for rental items. Click the Create WO link for the desired line item. This opens the Work Order window in a new browser tab where you can add a Work Order for the rented item.

Rental Expenses

The only way to link an expense with a Rental is to add it from the Rentals window. If the rented item incurs expenses, such as fuel or oil for Vehicles, go to the Rentals window.

  1. Locate the Rental Record.

  2. Click the Expense Ticket link on the Action Menu, which opens the Expense Ticket window.

  3. Complete the Expense Tickets window.

  4. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

Once an Expense Ticket is added to a Rental record, it can be viewed and edited from either the Rentals or the Expense Ticket windows.

Expense information can be added to Rental records before or after the item has been checked in, that is, you can add expenses to a closed Rental.

A/R Payment Tab

The A/R Payments Tab is used to record full or partial payments received from internal Departments. Use of the Tab is limited to Users with access to the Accounting > Accounts Payable > A/R Payment window.

Read-only fields at the bottom of the page summarize the original amount owed as well as the total of amounts paid and the outstanding balance. The Add Payment link is enabled in View mode.


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