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The Grounds Inspection Browse functions are similar to other WebTMA Browse window functions. Use this window to find Grounds Inspections by location, time period, form type, or other criteria.

Once you list the inspections, you can remove lines from the Browse list, open individual Grounds Inspection records, export the list, or close selected lines.

How to Select Grounds Browse Criteria

The Query flyout opens by default. From this flyout:

  1. Click the Add Criteria link, to select an additional field to filter your search.
  2. (Optional) Repeat to add more filter conditions.
  3. (Optional) Click Group Criteria to use AND or OR grouping. The OR Grouping, AND Grouping, and Cancel Grouping options are only available once you have added several criteria lines.
  4. Select at least two lines and click either the OR Grouping or AND Grouping to add grouping conditions.
  5. Click Cancel Grouping to return to the Add Criteria option.
  6. Click the List Results button to see results. As with other WebTMA queries, you can opt to use Save Query if this will be used regularly.

How to Select Grounds Browse Items

Once you have clicked the List Results button on the Query flyout, you can select one or all the check boxes adjacent to the line items in the Grounds Inspection Browse window.

Select All

Click the check box in the header row of the first page. When the window refreshes, all check boxes on all pages of the list are marked.

Select Specific Lines

Click the check box adjacent to the line item(s) desired. When you select multiple items, they can be removed from the list (not from the database).

How to Remove Lines from Grounds Inspection Browse List

You can remove specific Grounds inspection lines from the Grounds Inspection Browse list. This does not delete the record(s) from the database; it merely removes them from this list.

To do this:

  1. Click the check box adjacent to the line items to be removed.
  2. Click the Remove Selected button.

How to View Selected Grounds Inspections

To view an actual Grounds inspection line:

  1. Generate a list using the Query flyout.
  2. Click the number in the Inspection # column.

The selected record displays in a second Browser tab.

How to Close Selected Grounds Inspections

You can close specific Grounds inspection lines from the Grounds Inspection Browse list.

To do this:

  1. Click the check box adjacent to the inspection items to be closed.
  2. Click the Close Selected button.


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