Archive Setup - WebTMA 5

When you have a license for the Archive module, a few other settings are needed:

  • Separate archival database
  • Database name specified in Admin > Client Info
  • Permission to purge granted to specific users

A separate named database is required for your archived transactions.  Currently WebTMA requires that the archival data base must be on the same server where the WebTMA data base resides.

When you run eTools, you will notice a field to enter the name of an Archival Database. If you want to keep individual databases for different archive years, you can type another name when you update WebTMA in the future.

When you enter the name of the database in eTools, be sure to make note of the name. This same name must also be entered in the ArchivalDB field in Admin > Client Info / Identity Tab. Without a named database, your records cannot be archived. When you attempt to archive a batch without a designated database, an error message informs you: An archive database has not been set up for this client.

The archival process relies on the Batch Management module behind the scenes; however, the commands to Archive or Purge are on the Action Menu of the Archive and Purge window.

To purge records, at least one User must be granted the correct Privilege. Go to User Management > Records to select the desired user, then click the Privileges Tab and mark the Allow Purging of Archived Records line as Granted.

NOTE: Archive batch jobs are set to run only on Saturday at 2:00 a.m. This is a system setting and cannot be changed.

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