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Path: File > Personal Info \ Identity Tab

The Personal Info option is a convenient way for the person who is logged in to review or change information about their record such as Password, E-mail address, and default window settings.

Individual Users can utilize the Personal Info window to add or change some settings if their WebTMA System Administrator has granted permission.

The Personal Info \ Identity Tab is used primarily to change a password if the logged-in user has this permission.

Personal Info Preferences

Path: File > Personal Info \ Preferences Tab

Some of the Preferences set by the WebTMA System Administrator from User Management are available for the individual to change on this Tab depending on the modules used by your organization.

When the Preferences on this Tab are changed, the User record in User Management is changed to match the user's choices.

Personal Info Defaults

Path: File > Personal Info / Defaults

Individuals can set defaults for certain fields on a window-by-window basis and set Technicians using a global default. Additions made to this window are added to the Admin > User Management > Records / Defaults Tab. However, if the WebTMA System Administrator had added a Default from User Management, it will override settings from the Personal Info / Defaults Tab.

After a user or technician logs in to WebTMA, he or she can specify the default value for some windows. The options available change based on the window selected and permissions granted by the WebTMA System Administrator.

If a Global Default for Technicians is set, WebTMA completes the Technician field automatically. The Global Technician default applies to the same windows found in Admin > User Management > Records / Defaults Tab.

The rules to default a global technician assignment on Quick Post windows are as follows:

1. If the logged in user does not have a global technician designated, the technician defaults to the work order's scheduled technician.

2. If a Global Tech has been set up:

2.1 If the WO is not yet scheduled, the default tech is the Global Tech.

2.2 If the WO has been scheduled:

b.1 If multiple technicians scheduled to the WO, default to Global Tech

b.2 If no Global Tech is found, default to the WO's scheduled technician

Personal Info Exclude Tab

Path: File > Personal Info / Exclude Tab

Use the Exclude Tab to eliminate selections from drop-down lists. The options are restricted to a few work order and request windows and a limited number of fields and options.

The process is the same as adding exclusions to the User Management > Records / Exclude Tab.

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