Change Orders - WebTMA 5

Path: Transactions > Estimate > Change Orders

Change Orders apply to Estimates that require authorization and Project estimates that exceed authorized amounts. Change Orders are used in the following circumstances:

  • if an authorized estimate is changed
  • if a project estimate exceeds the authorized amount

Change Order Window for Estimates

Path: Transactions > Estimate > Change Orders

The Change Orders window is similar to the Estimate window, but the Change Orders window also displays a read-only lower section that shows:

  • the original authorized time and costs
  • the change order time and cost
  • the budgeted amounts entered on the Change Order Entry popup
  • the combined original and change order totals

Similar to the Estimates window, you can add multiple entries in a change order using the Add Item link at the top of the grid.

Change orders are numbered automatically and correspond to the associated estimate. Example: 21-1 means Estimate 21, Change Order 1.

Change orders must be authorized from the Change Orders window if the related estimate has been authorized.

If you open the window following the menu path rather than using the Action Menu link on the Estimates window, the only estimates available for selection from the Estimate # field are those that have been authorized.

NOTE:  Advanced Accounting includes tiers and account numbers. For a full discussion of how this affects Change Orders, see Help > Help Page / Common Functions.

Restrictions to Change Orders

If you do not use Approval Routing, the Change Order still requires authorization.

If the record is Pending Authorization, all fields on all Tabs are editable.

If the record is approved, only the Comments and Details Tabs are editable. When you click Edit, WebTMA automatically opens to the Comments Tab.

Change Order Restrictions Using Approval Routing

When the Change Order requires authorization and you use Approval Routing, additional rules apply.

Records that are Pending Authorization are fully editable.

On authorized records, only the Comments and Details Tabs are editable. When you click Edit, WebTMA automatically opens to the Comments Tab.

Rejected Change Orders follow the same editing rules as approved Change Orders, i.e., only the Comments and Details Tabs are editable.

If the Change Order does not require authorization, the same rules that apply to the related Estimate record apply. If the associated Estimate is free to edit, so is the Change Order. If the Estimate record has limited editing, only the Comments and Details Tabs of the associated Change Order are editable.


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