Project Gantt - WebTMA 5

Path: Transactions > Project > Project Gantt

Use this window to view your project tasks in a Gantt chart format.

When you launch Project Gantt, the Project Gantt Query window opens. Like other Browse windows, it is used to select the criteria for filtering projects for review. Create a query using any combination of the options shown on the window. For example, select a Start Date to display projects that occur on or after the date.

When you click the List Projects button this window, WebTMA displays a Gantt Chart with projects that meet your criteria. The Start Date and Due Date columns in the left pane show the start of the first task and the end of the last task respectively.

Click the New Criteria Selection link at the top of the chart to re-open the Project Gantt Query window and make new selections.

To see desired date results on your Gantt chart, be sure you have entered both a Start Date and Due Date on the Transactions > Project > Records / Identity Tab before you add your tasks and task dates. If you make changes to the dates, it can skew the Gantt chart results.

NOTE:  If you have difficult viewing the Gantt window, be sure your browser meets or exceeds these versions: IE 10+ (without using compatibility), Firefox 11+, Chrome 11+, and Safari 4.0.4 (531.21.10)+. For older browser versions, use the Classic display.

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