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If you are applying the Basic approach to projects, the only actions required are to set up the project record and create project work orders. When creating a record from the Work Order window, be sure to define the work order type as Project to achieve the correct results.

Tasks for Advanced Projects can be created from the Project / Tasks & Resources Tab or the Work Order window. In View mode, double-click a task line item.

If the Task Entry window has the required information, WebTMA automatically opens the Work Order window where you can add more information and save the record.

How to Create Basic Project Work Orders

Path: Transactions > Work Order > Records / Identity Tab

After you have created a basic project record, go to the Work Order window and create related work orders. Two fields are mandatory when defining a project work order: WO Type and Project Num.

  1. Select WO Type as Project.
  2. Click the Project Subtab.
  3. Select the Project Num for the related project. The project record must exist to be present in the selection window.

    This field can only be used for project work orders. When a work order type is designated as a project, the Project Num field must be populated with a valid project number.

  4. Complete the rest of the work order fields as usual.
  5. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

This process can also be used for Advanced projects, but it is more convenient to double-click a task line and convert it from Project / Tasks & Resources Tab to save keystrokes.

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