Pending Authorizations - WebTMA 5

Path: Transactions > Pending Authorization

When authorizers receive a notice of pending requests, they can click the link in the e-mail or launch WebTMA to open the Pending Authorization window.

The window lists transaction types applicable only to the user who is logged in. The authorizer clicks the plus sign adjacent to the transaction type and clicks the identifying record number to open.

Each transaction type displays some of the fields and line items on the underlying module window including a Comments field.

Authorizers can add Comments before they opt to:

  • Authorize
  • Reject
  • Ignore

If several authorizations are required, the Additional Comments field on the Request Log window reflects the remarks made by other approvers. Other windows include authorizer's comments as well, such as the Purchase Order / Comments Tab.

Authorize Processes

Path: Transactions > Pending Authorization

When an authorizer clicks the Authorize button on a pending authorization, one of the following occurs depending on the number of routes and authorizers required:

  • One authorizer in the route, one route for the record: The Authorized check box on the record is checked, and the request can follow the normal accept/reject process.
  • Several authorizers in the route, one route for the request: The next person in the authorization list (order 2, 3, etc.) receives notice that a request is pending.

When all authorizers in the route have authorized it, the transaction can be acted upon.

  • One or more authorizers for each route, two or more routes: An authorizer in each route must authorize the record before it can be acted upon.

Reject Process

If any authorizer on any approval route clicks the Reject button, the transaction is not authorized.

No further action is required from other authorizers on this or other routes.

Ignore Process

Authorizers can click the Ignore button to defer making a decision. The Comments field is useful to add notes about why the request has been ignored.

Other authorizers in other routes can continue to approve the request; however, until the deferred transaction is approved or rejected, the record will not be authorized.

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