Modules Tab - WebTMA 5

Path: Admin > Client Info / Modules Tab

The Modules Tab shows the modules you have purchased in WebTMA. If you choose to purchase more modules at a later time, this window is updated to show the modules in use.

In addition, look to this Tab for information about the number of licenses your organization has purchased and the type of licensing (Named or Concurrent). For Concurrent licensing, the number of people currently logged in is included in the format N/NN. For example, if you had 23 users currently logged in with 150 concurrent users allowed, the number would read 23/150.

If you use Named users, the number logged in is always the same as the number of licenses assigned. In the previous example, regardless of the number of users actually logged in, the number would read 150/150, assuming that all licenses are assigned.

Handheld units are always assigned as Named users whether you use Named or Concurrent users.

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