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How to Assign Technicians

Path: Transactions > Time Manager > Scheduler

WebTMA offers you several scheduler options to assign work orders to technicians or crews. When you follow the menu path, the Scheduler Criteria popup window opens in the foreground of the Scheduler window.

  1. Complete as many fields as needed to refine your search.
  2. Click the Save button on the Scheduler Criteria popup.
  3. Complete the required fields on the Scheduler window if you have not done so on the criteria window. These are Date, Shift, and Trade.
  4. Click a work order check box in the upper pane.
  5. Click a technician check box in the lower left pane.
  6. Click the Schedule link on the Action Menu. *
  7. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

* The Scheduler reviews whether the technician is available for the scheduled date (either direct or indirect assignment). A message alerts you the shift time is exceeded; however, it does not prevent you from scheduling the technician to the selected date/time.

When the window refreshes, your assignment displays in the lower right Gantt pane. Click the new assignment block to open the Schedule Item Properties popup window.

As assignments are made, WebTMA displays the scheduled work in the Gantt pane. If you want to view the assignments in a list format, click the Switch View link on the Action Menu. The link acts as a toggle to change the view as needed. When using the Classic Scheduler Type, you can also double-click a line item to open the Schedule Item Properties popup window.

Once you click Save on the WebTMA toolbar, WebTMA displays a message asking if you want to print. If you click No in error, you can use the Print link on the Action Menu to open the Print dialog. Scheduled work orders cannot be printed until you click Save on the toolbar.

How to Schedule Item Properties

Path: Transactions > Time Manager > Scheduler

NOTE: This popup window displays when you use the Classic Scheduler Type. A similar window for the Modern Scheduler Type is read-only.

Follow the instructions in How to Assign Technicians.

  1. Click the assignment block in the Gantt pane at the lower right.
  2. Change the Start Date, Duration, and time to meet your needs.
  3. (Enterprise optional) Double-click allocation icons to edit or add lines.
  4. Click the Save button on the window.
  5. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

Once saved, a prompt asks if you want to print the assigned work orders. The only work orders eligible for printing are those that have a new or updated assignment.

NOTE:  If you want to delete the assignment, click the Delete button on this window to remove it from the Gantt pane. This applies if you have not clicked Save on the toolbar.

How to Use Time & Attendance Entry

Path: Transactions > Time Manager > Time & Attendance

Follow the instructions in to set the query.

  1. Click the Add Labor Lines link at the top of the grid to add a new line.
  2. (Optional) Click the pencil icon to edit a line.
  3. Complete the required fields, i.e., those fields with a color background. Note: If this is work order time, the Work Order # field is required.
  4. Complete elective fields as needed. The Account field is used only if the work order is chargeable.
  5. Click the Save button on the popup window.

You can add labor lines for other technicians by selecting a new technician code in the Technician field at the top of the Time & Attendance window and clicking the Set Query link to display a different list of technician line items. If the time costs are not chargeable, be sure to mark the No Charge check box.

If the work order requires General Comments, click the General Subtab to add them. Comments entered here are inserted at the top of any existing General Comments on the work order. If you enter General Comments on multiple line items for the same work order, the comments are added as they are processed, with no guarantee of the order in which they appear.

NOTE: Labor charges can also be added using Quick Post Time & Attendance. Quick Post offers more flexibility than the Time & Attendance window.

How to View Time & Attendance Lines

Path: Transactions > Time Manager > Time & Attendance

Use the fields on the General Subtab to establish the criteria for selecting labor lines in the grid. Fields on the Approve Subtab apply only to the Time Card Approval feature in WebTMA. (Optional) Type or select the Technician ID code.

  1. Accept the default dates, or type a Start Date and End Date range of your choosing. Or, click the Time Frame field to select from a list of pre-defined date ranges.
  2. (Optional) Refine the search by clicking the down arrow in the Time Type field to specify a type (e.g., Regular Time, Overtime, Sick Time).
  3. (Optional) Click to clear one of the check boxes if you want to see only one category (work time or non-work time).

    Show Work Time includes all time types which have been designated as work order time in Organization > Lookups / Time Types. The results include open, closed and scheduled work orders assigned to the selected technician.

    Show Non-Work Time includes all time types that have not been designated as work order time.

  4. Click Set Query on the Action Menu.

If the technician has any time that fits the criteria you set, the line items display in the grid. You can add more labor lines or edit existing lines. See How to Use Time & Attendance Entry for instructions on adding more lines.

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