Projects in WebTMA GO - WebTMA 5

Path: Main Menu > Project

Use the Project windows to create new projects, review existing projects, and add or edit project tasks.

The Project window displays general information about the project, tasks, and the standard linked photos and documents. Access to this window is restricted by user account settings in WebTMA.

Tap the Show Project Dates button at the lower left to add or view dates related to the project.

Project Task Tab

Path: Main Menu > Project / Project Task Tab

The Project Task Tab displays a list of existing project tasks. You have the option to open a task or tap the New button to create another task.

Similar to adding project tasks in WebTMA, you can use this window in the planning stages to save a task Name and Description without other details. If you want to save the task as a work order, more information is needed.

How to Add Project Tasks

NOTE: When you save a project task, it is not uploaded until you save the project record as well.

From the Project / Project Task Tab:

  1. Tap the New button at the lower left of the window.
  2. Complete the required fields.
  3. Complete other fields as needed.
  4. Tap Save on the Task window title bar. Note the on the line item. This indicates the new task has not been uploaded.
  5. Tap Save on the Project window title bar to upload the task.

Once the project record is saved, the new task line displays a check mark to indicate it has been uploaded.

How to Convert Project Task to Work Order

In the planning stages, you may prefer to add the required Name and Description without completing any other fields. However, more information is required to convert the task to a work order.

If you have saved a task with the minimum required information, edit the task line when it is time to take action. Be sure to include the Work Order Type, Repair Center, Item/Location, Task, and Trade. WebTMA cannot convert the task to a work order until this information is present. Other elective fields can also be completed at the same time.

From the Task window:

  1. Tap the down arrow adjacent to the Main Menu
  2. Tap Convert to Work Order.
  3. Tap Save on the Project window title bar to upload the task

If required information is missing or the task for project requires authorization, popup messages alert you. Tasks that require authorization cannot be converted to a work order until approved.

If you have completed the required information, the line is saved with a status  reminder. This indicates that you need to tap Save on the Project window.

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