Pending Authorization in WebTMA GO - WebTMA 5

Path: Main Menu > Pending Authorization

If a record in WebTMA is manually routed to the logged in user, it shows up as a line item on the appropriate authorization type.

A glance at the Pending Authorization menu identifies the type and number of authorizations needed. The red “badges” Z_btn_PendingAuthorizationBadge.png on the right side of the Pending Authorization menu display the number of pending authorization records waiting for review.

Pending Authorization Window

Path: Main Menu > Pending Authorization > Request Log Auth

Each transaction type displays some of the fields and line items that are also on the underlying window in WebTMA including a Comments field.

Add Comments before you opt to tap one of the buttons at the top of the window to:

  • Accept
  • Reject
  • Ignore

Authorization Process

  1. Tap a pending authorization line to open the record on the iPad.
  2. Add Comments especially if you Reject or Ignore a request.
  3. Tap the desired button (Accept, Reject, or Ignore) at the upper right of the window.

You are returned to the list of any remaining authorization records. If there are no other authorization lines for this type, the window is empty.

When you defer a decision using the Ignore button, be sure to add your reasons in the Comments field.

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