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WebTMA GO offers some of the same features relating to parts that you find in the browser version. In addition, you have a window used to take inventory that is not found in WebTMA.

Some of the menu options offer limited functionality compared to WebTMA. For example, you can receive new quantities on the Receiving window for existing purchase orders, but you cannot create new purchase orders.

The Part Disbursement function in WebTMA GO is similar to Quick Post Parts. You also have the option to make a Return rather than a Disbursement.

Part Inventory

Path: Main Menu > Stockroom > Part Inventory

When taking inventory, use the Part Inventory window to enter part numbers and quantities found. Be sure to enter the entire SKU number (part code and the warehouse code separated by a hyphen). Only parts with the full SKU are eligible to be pushed (uploaded) to the server.

Your line items remain on the device until you complete your inventory and tap Save All. If you are online, the inventory is sent to the WebTMA database. Before you tap Save All, be sure to record all parts with the same number, especially when the same item is stored in different bins in the same warehouse. This assures the count is recorded accurately.

How to Use Part Inventory Window

  1. Tap New at the upper right.
  2. Tap in the Part
  3. Enter the Part SKU (part code and the warehouse code separated by a hyphen).
  4. Add the Quantity.
  5. Tap Save and Add to enter more parts. Use Save and Add, Save, or Cancel depending on the need to add more parts.
  6. Tap Save All on the List window to push the inventory to the WebTMA database.

Unless you have entered the full SKU (part code-warehouse code), the record cannot be pushed to the server.


Path: Main Menu > Stockroom > Parts

The Parts window is similar to the Parts > Record window in WebTMA. Use the window to add new part records or edit existing parts if your access permits.

Part Locations Tab

Path: Main Menu > Stockroom > Parts / Locations Tab

The Locations Tab includes some of the information displayed on the Locations Tab in WebTMA. If you have a number of warehouses, use the spotlight search field to filter locations on the page.

The window is read-only, even when you add a new part record. To add quantities to a new part record, go to Main Menu > Stockroom > Part Inventory and enter the Part Code-Warehouse Code and the Quantity.


Path: Main Menu > Stockroom > Receiving

Use the Spotlight field and Search Server button to locate the Receiving records of interest.

If the purchase order has not been approved, it is not available for download when you tap Search Server.

Tap a line item to see the Receiving Identity window. By default, the Technician field is populated with the name of the technician logged in to WebTMA GO.

  1. Tap the Quantity field for items that are received.
  2. Tap the Save button when the quantities of received items are entered.

Note that serialized parts require that you add the serial number for each item received.

Once you save the Receiving record, it is removed from the list window.

This window sends data to the Receiving Staging window in WebTMA, which is an interim step that collects “raw” receivings data. After transfer to WebTMA from the iPad, the receiving information is held in the database until it is approved by a supervisor.

Part Disbursement

Path: Main Menu > Stockroom > Part Disbursement–New

Use the Part Disbursement window to record parts used for a work order or return unused parts. When a work order number is completed, the task or tasks available for selection are those that apply to that work order. If you are out of WiFi range, the multi-task work orders will error, but single task work orders default the task on the server during the Save.

To add parts that have been used:

  1. Tap the New button on the Part Disbursement Listing
  2. Accept the default Date, Technician, and Type or change as needed.
  3. Tap the Part ellipsis button and select the part.
  4. Tap the Work Order # ellipsis button to select the work order.
  5. Complete any other required fields or elective fields desired.
  6. Tap Save on the title bar.

If more than one part is distributed to the same work order, tap the  Plus button on the title bar at the upper right. This retains all the information except the part number so you do not have to re-enter the work order and task.

To return parts, follow the same process with the exception of the Type field. Tap the field and select Return from the popup.

Even when you are offline, the Part number, Task Code, and Work Order # can be added manually rather than using the ellipsis, and the record can be saved on the device. This does not apply to serialized parts. Once you are online, the data goes to the application for validation of all fields.
If errors are found, the lines in WebTMA GO display the  exclamation mark to alert you of a problem.

Part Transfer

Path: Main Menu > Stockroom > Part Transfer–New

Use the Part Transfer window to move a quantity of parts from one warehouse to a different warehouse.

You have the option to make the items transferred chargeable or add a markup.

To transfer parts:

  1. Tap the New button on the Part Transfers list window.
  2. Complete the required Current and New Warehouse fields and any elective fields needed.
  3. Tap the Add Part button at the lower left to open a popup window.
  4. Enter the Part Code to be transferred.
  5. Tap the Server Search
  6. Tap the part line on the popup window.
  7. Tap Save on the title bar.

WebTMA GO uploads the change to the server when successfully saved.

Purchase Requisition

Path: Main Menu > Stockroom > Purchase Requisitions List

The Purchase Requisition function in WebTMA GO is designed for you to request a part or parts needed to complete your work, i.e., create a Purchase Requisition.

If you need to see whether the part has already been requested, you have a way to see existing Purchase Requisition records in WebTMA. Type a character string in the Search field and click the Search Server button.

The existing records that display are for reference only. When you tap a record line, all fields on the Purchase Requisition window are disabled.

If you need a part ordered to complete your work, use the Purchase Requisition window. You have the option to request either a standard Part or an OTP (one-time purchase) part.

To submit a Purchase Requisition:

  1. Complete the Identity Tab required and elective fields as needed.
  2. Tap the Items
  3. Tap the New button at the lower left.
  4. Complete the Detail Note: You have the option to select either a standard Part or an OTP (one-time purchase) part in the first field.
  5. (Optional) Use the Distributions Tab on the Detail window to specify the work order to which this part will be issued.
  6. Tap Save on the Detail window title bar.
  7. Tap Save once more on the Purchase Requisition
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