WebTMA GO Scheduler - WebTMA 5

Path: Main Menu > Scheduler

The Scheduler window is available to users that have rights to review and assign work from WebTMA GO. You have the option to schedule Technicians or Crews. Crews are downloaded as part of the standard Static Data Pull.

To limit the search results to a single Trade, select a Trade in the Filter By Trade field, and tap the Search Server button. Once the records are downloaded, tap the Advanced Options button to filter the results.

This is the only window where you can search the server without entering text in the Spotlight search field.

Scheduler Details

When you open the Scheduler in WebTMA GO, any open or unfinished work orders on the device display in the list.

Work Orders can appear to be duplicated in the list because each Work Order in the WebTMA GO Scheduler window is actually a single Work Order Task.

To see which Tasks have been scheduled previously, add a Scheduled column to the list using the Configure button before you schedule more Work Orders.

To clear the Scheduler list, go to the Work Order list window and clear the list. This removes the Work Order from the device.

To load Work Orders into the Scheduler window, first select a Trade and tap the Server Search button. Although a Trade selection is optional, specifying a Trade reduces the number of Work Orders that are downloaded.

When the Server Search button is tapped, all unscheduled Tasks including any past due Tasks load into the Scheduler.

Work Orders loaded to the device will be work orders that are:

  • Unscheduled open Work Orders (unfinished and not completed)
  • Work Orders that require authorization or have been authorized
  • Work Orders that require approval routing or have been approved

Once unscheduled Work Orders are downloaded to the device, the Advanced options criteria is used to further filter the Work Orders in the list.

How to Schedule Technicians & Crews

You can assign technicians or crews to a work order from WebTMA GO. If a Crew is assigned, each crew member displays as a separate line on the grid in the lower part of the Identity window.

  1. Tap the desired work order line on the Scheduler
  2. Tap the Add New Schedule Line button at the lower left to open a popup entry window.
  3. Select Technician or Crew.
  4. Choose the Tech ID / Crew and complete the other fields to schedule work.
  5. Tap the Done button on the popup.
  6. (Optional) Tap the Add New Schedule Line button again to add more technicians or crews to the work order.
  7. Tap the Save button to upload the schedule to the server.

The Trade field is completed by default if the Technician has a preferred Trade selected on the Technician window or if only one Trade is assigned to the technician.

The Hours field defaults to the Labor Standard Hours set on the Task window or to .25 hours if Labor Standard Hours are not available.

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