Requestor User Import - WebTMA 5

Path: Admin > Universal Interface > Universal Interface Setup

After you configure the Client Service Installation described on page 1 and following topics, the Universal Interface Setup window must be completed. Remember to add at least one Repair Center to the Repair Center Tab.

When you select the Transaction Type, WebTMA automatically loads the required fields in the mapping grid. These lines display a red sphere in the left column until the row is mapped to the remote columns in the third-party database.

WebTMA filters the column field selection to prevent duplicate selection. For example, Group Name is not available for selection when you click the Add Column link because it is already selected. Reminder: The lines that auto-populate the grid are required. Please do not delete these lines.

How to Link Fields for Requestor User Import

In order to import Requestor lines, you must link WebTMA fields with fields within your Universal Interface table. By default, all required fields should already have line entries. Edit those records and then add elective fields.

From your Universal Interface Setup window in Add/Edit mode:

  1. Complete the Required Setup fields described above.
  2. Click the Add Column link on the grid to open the Column Mapping popup window.
  3. Choose your WebTMA Columns.
  4. Select the Remote Column
  5. Click Save & Add (or Save & Close).
  6. Repeat until all fields in your Universal Interface table have been matched up.
  7. Add the applicable Repair Center(s) to the Repair Center
  8. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

NOTE: If you want records to be updated, make sure to populate the TMA Column AllowUpdate on the import files. When no value is entered for the AllowUpdate, WebTMA only inserts new records. To inactivate or modify any data on the records on saved records, the value “TRUE” must be entered in the data imported.

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