Training Notifications - WebTMA 5

Program Email Tab

Path: Transactions > Training > Program / Email Tab

This information applies to the optional WebTMA Training module.

The E-mail Tab is used for two purposes:

  • Create custom text for automatic e-mail responses with variable tags
  • Suppress e-mail responses

Each Subtab on the window displays templates to create responses for different types of actions for training assignments associated with the Program.

Use the Assign/Schedule Reply Subtab to create responses when technicians' training requests are accepted and assignments are made.

The Cancellation Reply Subtab includes text sent to technicians when a request is cancelled.

The Customer Survey Reply Subtab is used to create e-mail text for messages sent when a class ends. It includes a link to a survey that has the questions added on the Survey Tab.

You can add any text you like to both the Subject and Body fields and include keyword variable tags. These tags are place holders for information such as the request number, status, and date.

A Suppress Email check box at the upper right of each Tab gives you the option to suppress all e-mail responses defined by the given Tab.

How to Add Custom Email Responses

Path: Admin > E-Mail Settings

Adding a custom message to any of the templates follows the same general procedure. The differences are reflected in the Keyword choices available for the templates.

Keyword tags are used to insert information that relates to the actual record. When WebTMA sends the message, the tags are replaced in the actual e-mail with the information they represent. For example, the Service Request# tag is replaced by the actual request number. You can use any combination of tags more than once.

In Edit mode, each template includes Cut, Copy, and Paste icons for use in both the Subject and Body sections of the message.

In Add or Edit mode:

  1. Start typing your message in the Subject field.
  2. Click the Keyword field down arrow and select a variable when needed.
  3. Click the Insert Keyword button to add the variable.
  4. Follow the same process for the Body field.
  5. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

NOTE: Some keyword quirks are similar to MS Word. If you enter a variable at the beginning of a line and later try to add text in front of it, all text is underlined and the Keyword is "broken." Similar behavior can occur when inserting keywords in existing text lines. Deleting the offending line and saving, gives you a fresh start.

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