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Path: Transactions > Training > Request Training Browse

This information applies to the optional Training module.

Use the Request Training Browse window to review all requests for training submitted both by technicians and from the Training Batch Request window. Depending on the filters you use, results can include assigned, unassigned, and cancelled training as well as open, closed, or both.

By default, the Assigned, Pending, and Rejected check boxes are marked, and both Open and Closed Assignments selected. No other fields on the Training Request Query window are required. If you check all three Filter By Status boxes and no other filters, you can generate a list of all training requests ever submitted. Use caution if you have many requests in the database, because generating a large list can take time and the results may not be useful.


When you review Assigned requests, these are indicated by a blue icon at the beginning of the line. For Canceled or rejected requests, the icon is red. Assignments that have been canceled are identified with a yellow icon. Pending requests do not have an identifying icon.

Click the Legend link on the Action Menu for icon definitions.

If you use the same query on a regular basis, you can save the query and use it as often as needed. The Save Query and Load Query buttons accommodate this feature. Saved Training Request Browse queries are also available for MyPage Control selection.

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