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Path: Material > Warehouses > Identity Tab

To set up inventory in WebTMA, at least one warehouse is needed. Add existing parts to the warehouse from the Part window. Use Receivings or On-Hand Adjustment windows to add new parts.

The Part Inventory Tab shows a list of all parts in the warehouse. The information such as description, location, quantity, and value comes from the Part record. Like any WebTMA browse window, the load time for the window depends on the number of records. Users with edit privileges on the Material / Parts window can make limited edits to the Warehouse / Part Inventory Tab.

A copied Warehouse record can also be edited from the Warehouse / Part Inventory Tab. When you initially copy the record and choose to copy the contents of the Part Inventory Tab, you have a one-time only opportunity to delete lines from the Tab. After the copied record is saved, the few fields that can be edited on the Tab are restricted to Users with privileges to edit parts

Once a warehouse is established, access must be granted for users, requestors, and technicians. Permissions are granted for users and requestors using the Data Access Tab and for technicians on the User Access Tab (Admin > User Management > Records / Data Access, Admin> User Management > Requestors / Data Access, or Organization > Repair Center > Technician / User Access).

How to Create a Warehouse Record

Path: Material > Warehouses / Identity Tab

Since most of the labels on the Warehouse / Identity Tab are straightforward, creating a record is easy.

  1. Open the window.
  2. Click Add on the WebTMA toolbar
  3. Complete the highlighted required fields and as many elective fields as possible.
  4. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

Warehouse Copy Options

When you click Copy on the WebTMA toolbar from a warehouse record, you have the option to include the contents of the Part Inventory Tab as well. This is useful if many of the parts in the original Warehouse will also be included in the copied Warehouse. Until you save, you can delete part lines from the copy.

As soon as you click Copy, a query popup asks if you want to copy the Part Inventory.

Click Yes, and all lines are copied to the Part Inventory window; however, the Quantity column displays zero. Other window columns retain their values such as Minimum, Maximum, Reorder Point, and Reorder Quantity.

Before you save the copied record, click the Part Inventory Tab to review the lines. Notice the Delete Selected button at the bottom of the page. This is the only time the button appears. Once the record is saved, only Users with Parts editing privileges can make a limited number of changes. Parts display on this window based on existing parts assigned from the Parts window or new parts assigned from Receivings or On-Hand Adjustment windows.

Once the copied Part Inventory window meets your satisfaction, click Save on the WebTMA toolbar. A final Technician Entry popup requires the name of a technician for the part records. Select a technician, click the Save button on the popup. WebTMA then saves the record.

Warehouse Part Inventory Tab

Path: Material > Warehouses / Part Inventory Tab

For most WebTMA users, this window is read-only except when a Warehouse record is first copied using the Copy function.

If you have parts editing privileges, the following fields on this window can be changed in Edit mode only:

  • Bin Location
  • Minimum Level
  • Maximum Level
  • Reorder Point
  • Reorder Quantity
  • Active check box

To change the content of these fields:

  1. Click Edit on the WebTMA toolbar.
  2. Make changes desired using the scroll bar to see all fields.
  3. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.
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