Training Email Messages - WebTMA 5

Path: Transactions > Training > Program / Email Tab

The E-mail Tab is used for two purposes:

  • Create custom text for automatic e-mail responses with variable tags
  • Suppress e-mail responses

Each Subtab on the window displays templates to create responses for different types of actions for training assignments associated with the Program.

Use the Assign/Schedule Reply Subtab to create responses when technicians' training requests are accepted and assignments are made.

The Cancellation Reply Subtab includes text sent to technicians when a request is cancelled.

The Customer Survey Reply Subtab is used to create e-mail text for messages sent when a class ends. It includes a link to a survey that has the questions added on the Survey Tab.

You can add any text you like to both the Subject and Body fields and include keyword variable tags. These tags are place holders for information such as the request number, status, and date.

A Suppress Email check box at the upper right of each Tab gives you the option to suppress all e-mail responses defined by the given Tab.

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