Accounts Receivable Invoice Window - WebTMA 5

Path: Accounting > Accounts Receivable Invoice > Records

Use the Accounts Receivable Invoice window to add payment information for billing internal departments for a number of different transactions on one invoice. Bills can be for services from any of the following windows:

  • Fuel and Oil
  • Sales Order
  • Rental
  • Expense Ticket
  • Utility Ticket
  • Work Order

Your WebTMA System Administrator determines which of these windows will use Accounts Receivable invoicing. Users must also have rights to view these records.

The Invoice Item Entry window opens when you click the Add Item link in Add or Edit mode. Detail lines can be modified. A tax rate can be selected that will change the total for the invoice.

Unlike the AP Invoices that are affiliated with a vendor, the AR invoices are associated with a department.

You have the option to create an AR invoice record by clicking the link on the Action Menu of the record window. The links are either Invoice or Create A/R Invoice. You can also create a new invoice record directly from Accounting > Accounts Receivable Invoice > Records.

Using the Action Menu link prevents data entry errors since information from the record is transferred to the new invoice record. This also saves data entry time.

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