Training Lookup Settings - WebTMA 5

These setting apply to the optional Training module. Before you establish training Programs and Classes, go to Organization > Lookups to create the building blocks of your organization's curriculum. Several Lookup Types are used with the Training module.

Customer Survey

Path: Organization > Lookups > Customer Survey

Use the Customer Survey Lookup to create questions for class evaluations.

The questions created in Lookups are then available for selection from the Survey Tab on the Lookups > Training Courses as well as from Training > Program and Training > Class windows.

Program Type

Path: Organization > Lookups > Program Type

Program Type Lookups are used to establish general categories of study (comparable to Departments, i.e., Personnel, Administration, etc.).

These Types are available for selection from the Training > Program window.

Time Type

Path: Organization > Lookups > Time Type

The Trainee and Trainer check boxes are available if you use the optional WebTMA Training module.

Time Types are used in recording a technician's time for work order-related time and other time.

The Trainee and Trainer check boxes are visible only if you use the optional Training module. Mark a check box to track whether a technician attended the class as a student or instructor. Only one of these check boxes can be marked for the same Time Type. Either the type applies to a Trainee or it applies to a Trainer.

Note that unless one of these check boxes is marked on a Time Type, you cannot save records from the Training > Training Taken window.

Training Courses

Path: Organization > Lookups > Training Courses

Training Courses are linked to the Training > Class window and to the Technicians window to log training completed by a technician. The courses can be offered and/or required by your organization or an outside source.

If you survey technicians about the effectiveness of the course, you can enter survey questions on the Training Courses / Survey Tab.

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