Window Options for mobileTMA GO for Android - WebTMA 5

Many windows include an Options  vertical ellipsis. When tapped, mobileTMA GO displays several actions that can be applied to the window or the record that is open. Actions available are different depending on the window.

The Configure option is described in the Configure List Window topic on page 7.

Use caution when selecting Clear. This action removes the displayed lines on a List window from the device. You receive an alert to verify your intention. This action does not delete the records from the main database.

Clear vs. Refresh

Both the Option menus and the Data Manager window offer opportunities to Refresh or Clear data. These actions perform different functions. Clear removes the line or lines from the mobile device. Use Clear to remove any completed jobs when you want to restrict a list to see unfinished jobs.  If you don't want to use Clear to remove all lines, you can Delete on a line-by-line basis.

Using the Refresh option updates static data and adds any new jobs, but it does not remove completed jobs. Completed jobs are removed (cleared) from the device automatically in 24 hours.

Main Menu for mobileTMA GO

The main mobileTMA GO Menu displays lines for the Work Order, Inventory, Buildings, Meters, Data Manager, About, and Logout. If your organization has purchased other modules with mobile options, those also display. Tap menu items to see functions related to the desired category.

Scanning capabilities are available if your Android device has a high-resolution camera.

The Data Manager is used to review completed records, review records to be uploaded, and Refresh static data, i.e., download any changes to records downloaded at login.

Uploads for mobileTMA GO

As soon as you complete and save new or edited records with valid data, the records are automatically uploaded to the server if you are connected to the server via WiFi or Cellular connection. If not currently connected, the items are uploaded when you are in an area where you have an active connection.

Regardless of upload status, saved records remain on the device for 24 hours unless manually removed using either the Clear or Delete actions.

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