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Path: Menu > Custodial Inspect

If your organization has the Custodial Management* module in WebTMA as well as the mobileCustodial application for mobileTMA GO, technicians and supervisors can perform inspections and create work requests using mobileTMA GO.

Certain settings within WebTMA are required before the inspections are available for download.

First, the technician’s record in WebTMA must be marked not only to allow mobile access but also to authorize the technician to make custodial inspections from the mobile device. Be certain that the check boxes that apply to Custodial Insp found at Admin > User Management > Records / Mobile Access Tab–mobileTMA GO Subtab are marked to grant appropriate permission.

On the Transaction > Custodial > Inspection / Identity Tab the Inspection requires that the technician is set as an Inspector on the Inspector Tab.

Once saved, the Inspection is downloaded to the mobile device when it is online.

The inspection list is available by following the menu path (Menu > Custodial Inspect) and selecting Refresh.

After Refresh, the window shows a list of Custodial Inspections.

*Note: WebTMA offers two Custodial modules, Custodial Management and Custodial for Service Providers. Your organization determines which module is best for your circumstances.

How to Mark mobileCustodial Inspections

Once you have refreshed the data on the Results window described in the previous topic and have a list visible:

  1. Tap a line to view the items for the location.
  2. Select and tap a location line.
  3. Tap Points at the top of the screen.
  4. Tap a line item to be inspected.
  5. Scroll up to see the Inspection Quantity, Rating, and Comments See next topic if you need to create a request.
  6. Mark the desired fields.
  7. Tap Save.
  8. Repeat until all points are inspected.
  9. Tap Save back through each window to save the full inspection.

How to Create mobileCustodial Requests

If the following requirements are met, the inspector can also mark the Create Request check box to send a work request to WebTMA for items that are damaged.

The two requirements to generate a Request record in WebTMA using Create Request in mobileCustodial are as follows:

  • Custodial Inspection Form on which the Custodial Inspection is based must have a Request Type
  • Selected Request Type must have the Custodial check box marked in Organization > Lookups > Request Types.

The Inspector field below the Create Request check box is populated automatically with the name of the technician logged in to the device.

When inspecting a Point as described in How to Mark mobileCustodial Inspections on the previous page:

  1. Mark the Create Request check box.
  2. Continue with the Inspection as outlined in the previous instructions.
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