Meters in mobileTMA GO for Android - WebTMA 5

Path: Menu > Meters

Using mobileTMA GO, you can record readings on equipment, assets, entities, vehicles, and biomed equipment (healthcare licensees). If any of the metered items have multiple meters, you can add readings for as many meters as available. Be sure each meter has a valid tag number and meter name.

For the technician to add meter readings, View and Add permission to the Meters window must be granted to the technician from Admin > User Management > Records / Mobile Access Tab.

How to Add Meter Readings

Path: Menu > Meters /

  1. Tap Add on the Meters window.
  2. Tap the Select Item field arrow.
  3. Choose the type of meter (Equipment, Asset, etc.)
  4. Select the item Tag #.
  5. Select the Meter
  6. Enter the meter Reading.
  7. Tap Save at the upper right.
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