WebTMA Windows Related to UFI - WebTMA 5

Path: Accounting > Accounts

The Accounts window has added fields when you use UFI. The fields labeled Account Segments appear at the top of the window. WebTMA can accommodate up to nine fields. The number of segments and character limits per segment are modifiable from the UFI Segment window. If variable segments are allowed, the first segment is not necessarily required; the only requirement is that at least one segment is populated.

When typing an account number in a segment field, simply type the value. WebTMA uses the breaks between the segments as the separator. You can verify the full account string, with separators, in the Account # field below the Account Segments. Note that separators are stored in the database and these separators are included if you import accounts.

In WebTMA, when you use the Post Charges function, the information can go to a flat file or a database — as determined during the setup process. The only difference is that the database is somewhat more restrictive. Information sent to the receiving databases must match field-to-field in the SQL statement.

Post to General Ledger Enterprise

Path: Accounting > Post Charges > Post to General Ledger

If you use WebTMA Enterprise, batch charges are posted to the Sub-Ledger. Once the Sub-Ledger has been approved, the charges are posted to the flat file or database as described in the previous topic.

The post date used is the Sub Ledger Post Date, indicated on the Post to General Ledger window as S/L Post Date. Line items within each batch show the actual transaction date.

NOTE:  If you do not use WebTMA Enterprise, the interim Sub-Ledger options are not available. Charges are posted to the flat file or table when the batch is run from Admin > Batch Jobs.

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