UFI Template Assignment - WebTMA 5

Depending on your needs, one template can include all the needed information from various functions in WebTMA, or the information can be put in several different templates.

How to Determine UFI Template Assignment

Path: Accounting > Universal Financial > Template Assignment

Use these instructions to associate a template with a functional module in WebTMA that is used with account charges. You can save to a file or insert directly in an accounting application table.

  1. Click the Subtab of the module to be set up with a template. Note: The path is set in the UFI Web Service Configuration file, and only one path is available. Subtabs that pertain to modules you have purchased are available. For example, if Material Management has not been purchased, the Sales Order Tab is hidden.
  2. Select the Template Code from the list of available Templates.
  3. Click a radio button, either Save As File or Insert in Table radio button.

    Save As File requires the File Type. This is the file format the template should be saved in, i.e., Fixed Length or Tab Delimited. See the next topic for details about the File Name Format field.

    Insert In Table requires an Insert Statement.

When a post charge is run, it saves the file to the directory specified in the Config file of the UFI Service.

If you use an Encumbrance template, some existing columns may not apply to encumbered charges. These inapplicable columns will return an empty string but will not cause errors.


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