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Path: Admin > Batch Management > Batch Jobs

Batch Management is an administrative module frequently used to post charges and generate PMs. If you use the optional Project or Dispatch modules you have options to post projects, generate project tasks, and generate trips. WebTMA Enterprise users post charges to a sub-ledger rather than immediately posting charges to WebTMA records.

Depending on the permissions granted in your User profile, you can Edit/View or simply View. If you have Edit privileges, you see a number of links in the Add Batch Job section at the top of the page. Users with View-only privileges are limited to querying for existing jobs and cannot see the links to establish new batch jobs.

Use the links at the top of the grid to create new batch jobs and set parameters for posting batch jobs. Since WebTMA Enterprise charges are posted to a sub-ledger, other steps are needed before the actual accounts are posted.

You can establish different run times and post dates. For example, if you want to post charges through December 31, 2016, you can set a start date for the batch job some time in January 2017. At the same time, you can specify a Post Date of December 31, 2016. Even though you run the batch job in January, the posted charges will not be affected by any records that were created after December 31.

The window opens with the Add Batch Job links available to the logged in user and the organization. To see previous Batch Jobs, click the New Query link on the Action Menu to open the Batch Job Query popup window.

Similar to Work Order Browse and Request Browse, you can select parameters to limit the visible line items of scheduled jobs for your review of existing jobs. Existing batch line items can be edited, deleted, or cancelled (assuming they have not been run).

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