Field Access in mobileTMA GO for iOS - WebTMA 5

From the WebTMA application, your WebTMA System Administrator has the option to change the availability or characteristics of fields on a particular window in mobileTMA GO. The changes are made in Admin > Form Attributes > System Form Attributes.

Enter mGO in the Quick Search field to locate files that apply to mobileTMA GO.

The screenshot on the next page illustrates one of the windows. Note the various options you have:

  • Required. Make the field a required entry, and prevent saving a record until the information is provided.
  • Enabled. The field allows interaction, such as data entry. If the check box is clear, the field can be seen, but changes cannot be made to it.
  • Visible. Show the field or button on the window. If the check box is clear, the field is hidden from everyone's view.
  • Tab Stop. Include or exclude the field as part of the tabbing navigation.
  • Dropdown. Include a down arrow in the field so users can view a selection list.
  • Popup. Show or hide the ellipsis button to allow or deny users a more complete search for field contents. If you clear the Dropdown check box, you can clear this check box as well to prevent users from opening the related popup selection window.


Path (in WebTMA): Admin > Form Attributes > System Form Attributes

If you choose to hide certain fields on windows in mobileTMA GO, the system automatically repositions the fields to eliminate any "gaps," i.e., all fields slide upward based on the visibility of the fields above.

The Tab Tab at the top of the window shows the Tabs available for the selected window in mobileTMA GO. If you clear the Visible check box, the cleared Tab or Tabs are hidden on windows in mobileTMA GO; however, if you hide Tabs that contain system required fields, the device cannot save the records (see Caution below).

Full instructions about how to make changes to System Forms are found in Help > Help Page > System Administrator Setup for use by your WebTMA System Administrator.

CAUTION: Hiding system-required fields prevents you from successfully completing an action or saving a record.

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