Inventory Menu n mobileTMA GO for iOS - WebTMA 5

Use items on the Inventory menu to browse or create new inventory records. Using these windows, you can record parts issued and returned or enter new Asset, Area, Biomed Equipment, Equipment, IT Equipment, and Vehicle records on the handheld device for transfer to the WebTMA database.

Options for Inventory Records

Path: Inventory > [Maintenance-worthy Item]

The initial window for maintenance-worthy item categories (Equipment, Asset, etc.) includes a Search Server button. Enter your search text and tap the button to list existing items. Editing and saving changes to an existing record is very limited. When you open existing record, you can use the features available to new records, described next, to Duplicate, Create Request, etc.

After you Save a new Inventory record, regardless of the type, re-open the record and tap the options  chevron on the title bar to make a copy (Duplicate), Create Request, or Create Work Order relating to the item.

Reminder: For new records, this menu is only available after you have saved the record.

If you try to change a saved record, entries in most fields do not save.

Create Inventory Records

You can use mobileTMA GO to create inventory records for the various types of items on the Inventory menu.

If you create a new record that does not exist in WebTMA, the new record requires a location, repair center, tag #, type, and description. The Preferred RC field on all maintenance-worthy item windows is used to support the Biomed Make/Model and Equipment Make/Model functions.

When updating an existing record, the tag must exist in the application, and all other fields are optional. When an item exists in the database, the Type, Subtype, and Description cannot be edited. This applies to all inventory items.

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