Test Items in mobileTMA GO for iOS - WebTMA 5

Path: See list below for different paths to open Test Items window

Test Items allow you to record calibration or other information needed for tools and equipment that need to be tracked for safety or regulatory purposes.

The Test Items window can be opened using any of the following options:

  • Work Order Menu (Work Order > Test Items)
  • Work Order window chevron Btn_mGO_7_ChevronOptions.png menu (Work Order > WO # / tap Chevron)
  • Individual Task window on Work Order (Work Order > WO # / Work Order Tasks / Task Line / Test Item button)

If you select the option while the work order is in view, information defaults from the work order to the Test Items window. If a task is in view, the task defaults also.

The maintenance-worthy items that are available for Test Items selection are:

  • Assets
  • Biomed
  • Entity
  • Equipment
  • Tools
  • Vehicles

Add information to the Test Items Quick Post window in the same way you Post Other Parts.

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