Work History in mobileTMA GO for iOS - WebTMA 5

Path: Work Order > Work History

Use this window to review a list of completed work orders that are filtered by your criteria.

To set the criteria:

  1. Tap the Advanced Options button to see the criteria options. A green icon on the Advanced Options button indicates some advanced options have been set; however, you can change these at any time.
  2. Select a Completed Date From and Completed Date To. If no date is entered, mobileTMA GO sets a default range of 90 days from the current date.
  3. Scroll down the window to set other filter options.
  4. Select a Location or an Item in the lower fields. A selection in one of these fields is required for successful download.
  5. Tap Done on the window.

This action returns you to the Work History window. Notice that the Advanced Options button now displays an asterisk (*) to indicate that criteria have been set. The search for Last Modifier, i.e., the last person that modified the record, is a "contains" search that searches by "First Last" name rather than "Last First" or "User ID."

Tap the Search Server button to download any records that match your criteria.

Tap the chevron at the upper right of the Work History list and select Configure to select the sort order for viewing lines on the Work History list window.

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