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Cost Tab

The Cost Tab on many location and item records displays the accumulated costs, both current and historical, relating to the record. With the exception of the Work Order / Cost Tab, this is a read-only Tab. Charges accumulate on this window as they are incurred. The values are not dependent on posting charges.

The Year-to-Date values are for your fiscal year and are based on your Fiscal year setting in Admin > Client Info / Preferences.

Repair Centers Tab

Use the Repair Centers Tab to associate one or more Repair Centers with a record. Only users that are assigned to the associated Repair Center(s) can see and use the record.

You are reminded to assign a Repair Center if you attempt to save a new record without selecting at least one Repair Center. Without a linked Repair Center, no one can view the record or assign work to an employee or for an item.

How to Affiliate a Repair Center with a Record

You can add as many Repair Centers as needed to a record. In Add or Edit mode:

  1. Select the Repair Center Tab.
  2. Choose the Add Repair Center link at the top of the grid to open the Repair Center Entry flyout.
  3. Mark the check boxes of all applicable Repair Centers. Tip: To select All Repair Centers, mark the check box next to the label Repair Center Code.
  4. Select the Add Selected button.
  5. Choose Save on the WebTMA toolbar.
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