Task Security - WebTMA 5

A critical part of maintaining tasks is restricting access to Organization >Task > Records window. Most users do not need full access to these records.

WebTMA System Administrators establish access from Admin > User Management > Records / Window Access. Use caution when granting access because anyone who has full add/delete privileges for these records and who does not understand the database structure can cause havoc and destroy the integrity of the existing information.

The only way to restrict access is from the User Management window. Only those users who are responsible for maintaining tasks should have full access to the Task window. For all other users, set their access to either read-only or no access.

Even for users who have Task window privileges, you can use the Master Tasks check box on the Task / Identity Tab to restrict editing privileges on certain tasks to an even smaller number of users. If you mark the Master Tasks check box, you can grant special editing permission from Admin > User Management > Records / Preferences — Allow to Modify Master Tasks check box to grant editing privileges to selected users.

Read-only access allows the user to view the information but not edit, add, or delete. Even though you prevent all access to the Task window, Users can still select the tasks from selection lists in popup windows.

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