How to Create a Group - WebTMA 5

Path: Organization > Group

  1. Click Add on the WebTMA toolbar.
  2. Enter the required Group ID and Group Name.
  3. Click the Add Items link at the top of the grid to select group items from the Item Selection window.
  4. Select the Items using the various selection options.
  5. Click the Add Selected button and close the Item Selection window.
  6. Select a method of cost distribution. *
  7. Click the Repair Centers Tab and choose affiliated repair centers.
  8. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

Groups may require special reminders when generating work orders or requests for the Group. Use the optional Popup Message field to add a short (255 character) message that displays when the Group is selected on the Work Order or Request windows.

* If Manual % is selected, you are responsible for entering the distribution percentages. If Automatic % is selected, WebTMA will distribute the costs evenly to every record in the group.

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