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Key Adjustments can be made from the Work Order window by clicking the Key Adj link on the work order Action Menu. For example, they can be converted from requests, added to a new work order, or created using the link. The link is available if the logged in user also has permission to add records from the Key Management / Adjustments window.

Clicking the link opens the Key Management > Adjustments window. This is similar to the way the Estimate and Invoice links work with the Work Order window. Reminder: Use of the Key Adj link is limited to users that have Add access to the Key Management > Adjustments window.

The Key Adj link is enabled for any work order record, regardless of whether the work order concerns keys or includes a Key Adjustment Task. If no key tasks are used, no adjustment lines are loaded when the Key Management > Adjustments window opens.

You can even change the work order number on the key Adjustments window when it differs from the work order record where you clicked the link.

When a work order concerns a key and is assigned a Key Adjustment Task, the key Adjustments window displays a red sphere  icon adjacent to lines that need more information. Edit these lines to complete the needed information, click Save on the window, and close the key Adjustments window or add more adjustments if needed.

If you click Save on the key Adjustments window before all lines have been completed, you receive the following alert.

        "One or more lines requres further input."

After the key adjustment is saved, you can mark the work order as Finished or Completed, following your organization’s procedures.

You have the option to include a Key number and Key Holder for reference on the Single Task Work Order–Keys Subtab or on the multi-task Work Order (on the Add Task popup window).

If Key and Key Holder information are added on the Request Log window, the information is carried over to these fields on the work order. Regardless of the source, these fields are for reference only. They must be added to the key Adjustments window to complete any key records that require the information.

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