Core Management - WebTMA 5

Path: Material > Key Management > Core Management

The Core Management module is a Browse window that lists certain Locks and allows you to use a batch format to change Cores associated with the Locks.

The module is similar to other WebTMA Browse windows and includes an initial Core Management Query popup window.

Core Management Rules

Regardless of the criteria selected, only certain Locks are eligible for display on the list. To qualify, the Locks must be associated with a Key System and also use Interchangeable Cores.

On the Core Management window, a read-only Core # column displays the currently associated Core number. By default, fields in the adjacent Core # column display <No Change>; however, you have the option to change the Core using the drop-down list in this field.

The drop-down list shows all available Cores that can be exchanged.

Available Cores are filtered by:

  • All unassigned Cores that belong to the same Key System as the Lock
  • All Cores that belong to Locks that meet the query criteria

To assure that each Core is used only once in the list, a Core # can be reassigned only one time.

Example: If Lock A-AA-2 shows a Core # of AA-1 and you select Core # AA-15, which was previously assigned to Lock A-AA-1, the drop-down list no longer shows AA-15 as a selection. Lock A-AA-1 now shows the Core # as <Removed>. Any Lock that shows <Removed> must have another core assigned to it before the page can be saved.

None of the changes are permanent until you click the Save button at the bottom of the window.

Core Management Shuffle Function

Click the Shuffle button at the bottom of the Core Management window to automatically randomize assignment of Cores to the Locks in the list. All the rules apply as if this had been done manually.

NOTE: Because the Shuffle button calls a random generator, it is possible that a Core will be reassigned to the same Lock to which it is currently associated. That is the nature of random generation.

How to Use Core Management Query Window

Path: Material > Key Management > Core Management

Use the Core Management Query window to filter the Core Management list.

NOTE: With the exception of Select a Location, the drop-down lists on the window show the item's Description not the Code.

  1. Follow the menu path to open the window.
  2. Select any filter options desired.
  3. Click the List Locks

REMINDER: Only certain locks are eligible for display on the list. To qualify, locks must be associated with a Key System and use Interchangeable Cores.

How to Change Cores Using Core Management

Path: Material > Key Management > Core Management

You can reassign Cores to different Locks; however, all Locks must have an assigned Core.

  1. Click the down arrow in the Core # column that shows <No Change>.
  2. Select a different Core number. Note that the selected Core number is from another Lock. The Lock from which it was taken now shows <Removed> in the field instead of <No Change>.
  3. Assign a new Core value to the <Removed> Lock line.*
  4. Assure that all <Removed> lines have an assigned Core.
  5. Click the Save button at the bottom of the window. None of the changes take place until you click the Save

* If you attempt to save when <Removed> displays in the enterable Core # field, a message alerts you that all Locks must have assigned Cores before your changes can be saved.

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