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The Key Holders window stores information about anyone who is issued keys. Use this window to review the keys and key rings issued to a key holder

The Email field label is underlined whether you have completed the field or not. Click the link to send messages to the key holder such as a reminder that he or she has not returned a key that is overdue.

If you use Approval Routing for key requests, you can mark the Pre-Authorized check box on a key holder’s record to bypass the approval route for specific personnel.

The Keys Tab lists key quantity totals and groups data by Key #, Serial #, Issue Date, Due Date, and Pickup Date. This allows the same key to be listed more than once if it has been issued to the same holder more than once. This Tab only shows current data. If ten keys were issued and nine were returned, the window shows a quantity of one. Return data does not display on the Tab. The window is designed to be a current snapshot of the keys currently issued.

The Key Rings Tab displays any keys and rings issued to the key holder.

The History Tab displays a list of all key activity for the key holder with a record of dates, quantities, numbers, affiliated work order numbers, and tasks.

How to Add New Key Holder Records

From the Key Holders / Identity window:

  1. Click Add on the WebTMA toolbar.
  2. Type a Key Holder ID
  3. Type the First/Last Name of the key holder.
  4. Type or select the elective fields such as Repair Center, Department Name, Position associated with the key holder.
  5. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

When you populate the optional Technician ID for a key holder, WebTMA creates a link to the Technician window. The underlined label indicates you can click to open the related technician's record.

 The optional Key Holder SSN (social security number) field is included for ease of identification when more than one employee has the same or similar name.

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