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Path: Accounting > Accounts Payable Invoice > Records

WebTMA accommodates invoicing for several windows. These include Purchase Order, Work Order, Project Requisition, and Utility Ticket. Invoices related to the Purchase Order window are the only ones eligible to be matched.

When an invoice arrives from the vendor, create an invoice record. This can be done by clicking an invoice-related link on the Action Menu. Depending on the window, the Action Menu link may be labeled Invoice or Create A/P Invoice. These links are available when the function has been checked in Client Info / Preferences and if the user has rights to create an invoice. You can also create a new invoice record directly from Accounting > Accounts Payable Invoice > Records.

Using the invoice-related link on the Action Menu prevents data entry errors since information from the order record is transferred to the new invoice record. This also saves data entry time.

For Purchase Orders, the first time you use the Invoice link on the Action Menu, the lines are loaded to the Invoice window without comment. If you use the feature more than once, WebTMA opens a window asking you to identify the On-hand Receiving batch you want to match. Note, however, that you are only prompted to select the batch if there are uninvoiced batches remaining for the PO. Also, the window does not open when you create an invoice record for a purchase order that does not have the Invoicing check box marked.

Invoice records for Project Requisitions or Work Orders do not include freight costs and cannot be matched; therefore, the On-hand Adjustment and Variance Tabs do not display on invoice records for these two types of invoices.

Invoice Receipt

After you receive the actual bill, open the Invoice window. Any bill received for partial shipments can be processed and paid. When the balance of the shipment arrives, create another invoice record in WebTMA. Purchase order invoices also give you the option to use the On-hand Adjustment Tab to add lines that have been received since the WebTMA invoice record was created. This avoids the need to create a new invoice record.

WebTMA does not prevent you from including the same items on multiple invoices. Please use caution when creating additional invoices against a record so as not to duplicate line items on several invoices.

For example, the vendor may choose to issue invoices for each partial shipment. If several bills are received, all can be applied to a single purchase order, but WebTMA cannot warn you if you apply the bills incorrectly.

On-hand Adjustment Tab

This Tab is only available for Purchase Order Invoicing. When the vendor invoices partial shipments, you can use the On-hand Adjustment Tab to manually associate additional receivings to the order and avoid having many invoice records for the PO.

Variance Tab

Path: Accounting > Accounts Payable Invoice > Records / Variance Tab

This Tab is only available for Purchase Order Invoicing and concerns invoice matching. The window includes coded line items to tell you at-a-glance whether the item matched or did not match the vendor's bill and the receiving record. The values are compared to the original purchase order to determine a match or mismatch.

WebTMA attempts to link invoice line items and purchase order detail lines in the following sequence:

First: Part Code, Unit Cost, and Quantity

Second: Part Code and Unit Cost

Third: Part Code and Quantity

If the user has set a Global Technician default from File > Personal Info / Defaults, the Technician and Technician Name fields are automatically populated for the logged in user.

The red symbols signify a mismatch, and the green symbols signify a match.

  Z_Btn_Inv_Green2.png The green orb with the number 2 indicates an exact match of the invoice to the PO.

  Z_Btn_Inv_Red2.png The red orb with the number 2 indicates a mismatch between the invoice and the PO.

  Z_Btn_Inv_Green3.png The green orb with the number 3 indicates an exact match between the invoice and the WebTMA receiving record.

  Z_Btn_Inv_Red3.png The red orb with the number 3 indicates a mismatch between the invoice and the WebTMA receiving record.

When the invoice and PO or receiving record do not match, qualified users can override a mismatch if required. See the next topic, About Invoice Matching, for information about matching and overriding.

The Variance Tab has a tolerance of ± .01. This tolerance allows WebTMA to take into account rounding of the unit cost to four decimal places on the On-hand Adjustment window. A one-cent tolerance saves time and helps you avoid unnecessary overrides.

About Invoice Matching

The matching process is a required function for purchase order invoices and is used by WebTMA to verify any price or quantity variations among the purchase order, the receiving process, and the vendor's bill. The differences can be seen on the Variance Tab. When the receiving record and the vendor's bill do not match the purchase order, the invoice record shows a mismatch.

If there are no On-hand Adjustments linked to the invoice, the Match button on the Variance Tab is disabled.

The system compares the user who is logged in to the User records (Admin > User Management > Records) to assure the logged in user has the rights to match invoices.

Click Print on the TMA toolbar to print the list. On the printed list, the red/green orbs are transformed into check boxes with a check mark for matching and an X for non-matching items. See the next topic, Invoice Match Process, to learn how to match or override the lines on the Variance Tab.

Invoice Match Process

When the match process is invoked, the following occur:

  • New On-Hand Adjustments are created
  • Part and SKU records are updated
  • Pricing information such as Average Price, Last Purchase Price, Parts Total Value, Tax, and Freight amounts are updated to their appropriate tax and freight Accounts
  • Encumbrances are handled
  • Part / Vendor Cross References are created or updated with the Last Purchase Price

If the invoice is a mismatch, you will see a red ball indicator on the line item. This does not mean you cannot approve the vendor's bill and create a WebTMA invoice record.

You can Override mismatched lines if you have the user privileges. This gives the user control over records and prevents any errors or oversights. 

The button at the lower right of the window reads Match if line items show green orbs or Override if red orbs are present. A person with the appropriate privileges can match the invoice by clicking the Match or Override button.

A/P Payment Tab

Path: Accounting > Accounts Payable Invoice > Records / A/P Payment Tab

This Tab is available for all A/P Invoice records, that is, PO, WO, and Purchase Requisition. Use the window to record the invoice payment.

The Payment Entry window opens when you click the Add Payment link in View mode. You have the option to record payments made by check/voucher, credit/debit card, or credit memo. Since the use of this function applies to several windows, the various options are described in full in the Common Functions document (Help > Help Page / Common Functions).

Once the total amount reflected on this window is paid, WebTMA prevents adding more payments. When you click the link on a fully paid record, a message informs you, “The balance is 0.”

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