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In Admin > Client Info / Preferences, mark the Allow Purchase Order Invoicing check box to track and match invoices related to POs. Utilizing invoices with purchase orders allows you to make use of ordered parts as soon as they are received and price the items later when the invoice is received. With this method, you do not have to guess at prices, yet you have immediate use of ordered items. This gives you both flexibility and a more accurate average price for your parts.

An Invoicing check box is found on the Other Info Subtab of the Purchase Order / Identity Tab. If you mark the check box, parts received are considered on a virtual "dock," but they can be issued to work orders and sales orders or moved in part transfers before the invoice arrives. The check box does not have to be marked to allow you to add it to the Invoice window; however, certain restrictions apply. See the next topic, Purchase Orders Not Marked as Invoicing, for details about the restrictions.

If a user normally creates invoiced purchase orders, you can amend the user's Defaults in Admin > User Management > Records / Defaults or File > Personal Info > Defaults to have the Invoicing check box marked by default. The user still has the option to clear the check box when creating a new PO.

Initially, items received for invoiced purchases are called uninvoiced items. If a price is not final when the part is issued or distributed, the system uses the best price calculated from the standard methods previously in place in WebTMA.

Uninvoiced transactions cannot be posted until invoice matching has occurred. All uninvoiced lines on transactions have an icon  indicator to alert users that the line is uninvoiced and cannot be posted.

On-Hand Adjustment records track receipt of an uninvoiced item as well as issuance of the item after receiving.

NOTE: Uninvoiced items are included in the quantity available throughout WebTMA on work order, sales order, and part transfer windows.

When the actual bill is received, go to the Purchase Order window and click the Invoice link on the Action Menu to create an invoice record. On the WebTMA Invoice window, you can correct any quantities and prices necessary. The invoice must be matched before the part can be priced throughout WebTMA. Once the invoice is matched, all part prices are updated using the prices on the invoice. Applicable on-hand adjustments are made automatically to reflect the match.

Purchase Orders Not Marked for Invoicing

Path: Material > Purchase > Purchase Orders / Identity–Other Info Subtab

Most invoiced items have the Invoicing check box marked on the Purchase Order record.

If the box is not checked, the PO is still eligible for invoicing; however, several differences apply to these invoices.

If you have permission to create an Invoice record, you can click the Invoice link on the Purchase Order Action Menu to create an invoice record even though the Invoicing check box is clear.

The invoice records created from purchase orders that have a clear Invoicing check box do not execute the process for on-hand adjustment. In addition, you are not prompted to select the OHA lines.

The matching functionality of the Invoice record is not available when the Invoicing check box is clear. The Match/Override button on the Accounts Payable Invoicing / Variance Tab is hidden.

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