Work Orders for Inspections - WebTMA 5

Path: Transactions > Work Order > Single Task Work Order / Identity Tab

Path: Transactions > Work Order > Records / Identity Tab

The primary difference between inspection work orders and regular work orders is the availability of the Inspection Sheet. The sheet is used by the technician to record the inspection results either on a printed copy or on the computer.

Both the Single Task and multi-task Work Order windows include a link to the Inspection Sheet. Single Task work orders display the word 'Inspection' as a link on the Task Info Subtab. The multi-task grid includes a column titled Inspection? and displays a check mark Z_Btn_GI_GreenCheck.png if an Inspection Form is present.

If you assign easy-to-identify names to inspection task codes, you can help a technician recognize inspection work orders. The technician can see work orders that require immediate attention. The inspection work order can be generated when PM work orders are generated or when work orders are created for the INS group using an inspection task code.

If a technician is included on the PM Tab, generated PM work orders go directly to the technician's queue. Otherwise, the PM work order can be assigned to the technician.

NOTE: The WO Browse window can also reflect the presence of an Inspection Sheet. A column next to the work order number will display the same green check mark Z_Btn_GI_GreenCheck.png that identifies inspections on the Work Order window. In WO Browse, click the check mark to see a read-only version of the Inspection Sheet.

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