IT Equipment Action Menu - WebTMA 5

Several links on the IT Equipment window Action Menu are used as a quick way to perform actions or review information about the item.

The Linked Documents link is common to many windows and opens a window to access and create link(s) between the WebTMA window and other files, spreadsheets, graphics, etc. created with external applications. Complete information on the Linked Documents function is found in the Common Functions document. To view the document, go to Help > Help Page / Common Functions in WebTMA.

The Create WO link opens the Work Order window with information about the current IT equipment item inserted in the appropriate fields ready for you to create a new work order.

The Last Modified link shows the most recent date the record was changed.

The Post Down Time link opens a window where you can add the down time date and the up time date. When the up time date is added, WebTMA calculates the total down time. When the item is back in service and the window refreshes, the system clears the Out of Service check box on the IT equipment Identity Tab.

Click the Transfer History link to see any transfer actions made for the item. Use the horizontal scroll bar to see location and description information about the transfer. This applies to both the previous (old) location and the new location. The WebTMA Report Manager includes an IT Equipment Transfer report. Look for it in Reports / Report Manager / Management / Transfers.

Click the Groups link to see if the item is associated is a group. The link opens the Associated Groups popup window with a list showing the Group Tag #, Description, Added Date, and Deleted Date if the item is part of a group.

Click the Tracking link to review or add Status changes to the IT Equipment item.

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