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Path Transactions > Events > Records / Resources Tab

If you plan to use any equipment, vehicles, assets, and areas for your event, use this window to identify and reserve them. The line items on this window list any resources you need. Depending on your requirements, you can reserve by item or location Type Only or by Specific Item.

The Event Resources Entry window accommodates recurring use. For example, if you have a three-day conference and need the resources all three days, mark the Recurrence check box and indicate the days the resource is needed.

If you use the Projects and Rental Reservation modules, click the Convert button on the Identity Tab to create a reservation or a project after the event is authorized.

How to Add Event Resources

Path Transactions > Events > Records / Resources Tab

From the Event / Resources Tab in Add or Edit mode: 

  1. Click the Add Resource link at the top of the grid.
  2. Choose Type Only or Specific Item radio button.
  3. Complete the Event Resource Entry
  4. Complete the Start and End date fields. These must fall within the event date/times.
  5. Make selections for the items needed.
  6. Write Comments as needed.
  7. (Optional) Click the Recurrence check box to select how often and when the same resource is re-used for this event.
  8. Click the Save button on the Resource popup window.*
  9. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

* You can add more items using the various options on the Save button.

About Work Orders for Event Resources

If a new work order is written on a specific item or location designated for an Event and the work order request date falls within the event dates, you receive the following alert:

When you click OK, the work order is saved and the Event ID and dates are added to the work order Request field.

The alert only applies to new work orders when a specific item has been designated on the Events / Resources Tab.

The same actions apply to Facility Scheduler Reservations. If the same item or locations were also reserved and a work order created, only the first of the two transactions would appear in the Request field.

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