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Use the Custodial Task window to describe standard custodial tasks that are performed. Custodial Tasks are not associated with regular tasks defined elsewhere in WebTMA. Values added to this window are used to calculate the amount of time needed to perform the task. The Base Minutes and related fields in that section are APPA data.

The calculation follows the following: 

      "It takes {Base Time} minutes to {Description} {Base QTY (Per)} {Unit of Measure} of {Custodial Item}"

An actual Custodial Task record could read as: 

      "It takes 1.09 minutes to clean 1 trash can"

The Associated Task and related information allows you to modify the task with item data and relates to ISSA 612 Cleaning Times © ISSA.

Basically, all APPA tasks can have an associated ISSA task. APPA tasks are more conducive to cleaning by area. For example, it takes "X" amount of time to clean 1000 square feet. On the other hand, ISSA tasks are more suited to cleaning individual items, for example, it takes "X" amount of time to clean one water fountain. When you specify how long it takes to clean one water fountain, you can switch to the ISSA task. If it takes "X" amount of time to empty trash cans per 1000 sq ft, you can use the APPA task. You choose to use or not use these tasks or combinations at your discretion.

You can use the APPA defaults to get started quickly with the WebTMA Custodial module. As you make inspections, you can take inventory of the actual custodial items in a given space to fine-tune your custodial records and adjust the values accordingly.

Using the defaults, APPA estimates what is in a classroom, a bathroom, etc., and makes a calculation that assumes "if this room is under X square footage, there are this many of these types of items in the room." Then, when you make a custodial inspection, you can go into the room and update the default (estimated) data from APPA with your own data. For example, APPA says a classroom consists of 35 desks, a whiteboard, a trash can, etc.; however, when you make an inspection, you count 41 desks, 2 whiteboards, and 2 trashcans. You can use our mobile app to update that specific area record with accurate information. This helps keep your system data accurate and your custodial calculations more exact.

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