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Path: Transactions > Capital Setups / Identity Tab

Each Setup record is used to define the budget dates, name the setup configuration, and list all facilities that are grouped under this particular setup.

It also allows you to set up the frequency of your budget cycle, set up a list of default markups that can be applied when making estimates, and set the annual inflation rate to be applied to cost estimates throughout the module.

The Capital Setups window also displays the list of worksheets that have been generated for the setup records that allow you to do your what-if-scenarios.

Capital Setup Fields

The following are mandatory fields:

Code Unique identifier for Setup record.

Description Identifies the Setup record.

Markup Defaults (Subtab) This list contains markups that can be manually applied to any estimate line when creating estimates for Work Elements.

Utility Defaults (Subtab) This list contains markups that can be manually applied to any estimate line when creating estimates for ECM (Energy Conservation Measures).

Capital Setup Inflation Rates Tab

Path: Transactions > Capital Setups / Inflation Rates Tab

Inflation rates are available from various industry journals that are published and are also available online.

Any time a Work Element is saved or when Admin > Batch Management > Capital Planning Processes is run, WebTMA makes the inflation calculation.

You can use the Default Inflation field to enter the default inflation rate to be used when a particular year’s value is not in the Inflation Rate grid. The read-only Average Inflation field calculates the average inflation rates based on the lines in the grid. This helps you determine what to enter as the Default Inflation value.

Date settings are entered as a four digit year.

While in Edit mode, click the Add Year button to add new inflation rates and the year they are to be used. The inflation rates are the rate that will be used to inflate cyclic renewal replacement costs and cost estimates on Deferred Maintenance and Facility Improvement records.

Setup Facility Link Tab

Path: Transactions > Capital Setups / Facility Link Tab

The Facility Link Tab allows you to define which facilities are linked to your Setup record. At times you may want more than one Setup record to track Capital Planning for different organizations. Use the Facility Link Tab to define the facilities that are included for each Setup record.

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