Biomed Misc Tab - WebTMA 5

Path: Organization > Biomed > Records / Misc Tab

Use the Misc Tab to record any of the following that apply to the biomed equipment item:

  • Inventory data
  • HIPAA Regulated
  • Communications details
  • Energy usage
  • Rental Rate charge

None of the fields are required, but the information on the Tab is essential to maintain good records.

Inventory date, status, lapse time and other inventory information can be reviewed when you click Tracking on the Action Menu. WebTMA tracks dates entered as well as when dates are deleted. The default status is either Item Inventoried or Inventory Date Cleared, but WebTMA System Administrators can change the status wording using the Text Management window.

HIPAA regulated and critical alarms information can be added to individual records. However, if you use the Organization > Lookups > Biomed Make/Model window for a particular make and the Make/Model window includes this information, it is automatically populated on the Misc Tab.

The Not Located check box can be updated from a biomed equipment work order as well. If the work is not done because the item cannot be located, a popup during work order revision asks if you wish to update the item. If you choose, you can mark the biomed equipment record as Not Located and/or inactive (not in service). For inactive records, clear the Active check box on the Identity Tab of the biomed equipment record.

The first time the Not Located check box is marked WebTMA inserts the date beside the check box. If future work orders are performed and the item is still not located, the date does not change. This helps you determine how long the item has been "missing." The Not Located # is a counter that indicates the number of times the item has not been located.

If the item is rented to other departments, type the amount charged. Click either the Hourly or Daily radio button to indicate the rental period for the amount recorded.

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