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Path: Organization > Departments

Different parts of a business carry specific responsibilities that contribute to the function of the organization. For example, a hospital can be subdivided into surgery, admissions, radiology, biomed engineering, etc.

In the preceding illustration, the Chemistry Department occupies rooms 101-106. The Biology Department occupies rooms 107 and 108. Even though these departments may not always occupy every room, all assigned rooms are their financial responsibility.

WebTMA software refers to the grouping of these areas as Departments, and you can assign maintenance-related items to the Department.

This designation allows you to print a list of items such as Equipment and Assets that are assigned to a Department.

If you use the Department designation in WebTMA software, Work Orders written against a Department's space will automatically roll the labor, material, and other costs to the specified Department.

If your organization uses the Invoicing module, an Invoices Tab displays all receivable transactions with a column to identify the Transaction #.

Departments Identity Tab

Path: Organization > Departments / Identity Tab

The Departments / Identity Tab is the primary Department window. Use the window to add Department records and de-activate Department records.

For cost accumulation purposes, users can make one Department a child of another Department. Costs from child Departments roll up to the Cost Tab of the parent record. The Sub-Assembly Tab of the parent record displays a graphic view of all the child records associated with the parent. See Departments Window Tabs for details about other Tabs on this window.

The Action Menu / Show Audit History link is available in both Add and Edit mode to review information about who made changes most recently to the record and when.

How to Add a Department

  1. Choose Add on the WebTMA toolbar.
  2. Enter a Code with a maximum character length of 20.
  3. Enter the Department Name.
  4. Select a Type. The Type name field is populated when you select the code.
  5. Complete as many elective fields as possible.
  6. Select Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

Departments Window Tabs

Many of the Tabs on the Departments window also display on other windows in WebTMA. If you purchase some of the optional modules, more Tabs such as the Accounts Tab (Billing Review and Dispute module), Utility Billing Tab (Utility module), Smart Route (Approval Routing module), and Invoices Tab (Invoicing module) are visible.

Area Tab

The information on the Departments / Area Tab is read-only and corresponds to data found on the Organization > Areas / Department Tab for an Area related to this Department.

Accounts Tab

The Departments / Accounts Tab is a function of the optional Billing Review and Dispute module. In addition, the Tab is only visible when the Enable Pending Charges Dispute Preference is checked in Admin > Client Info / Preferences-Advanced Accounting Section.

Use the Accounts Tab to assign accounts to a Department. These are Accounts that are managed by the Department. An Account can only be managed one Department at a time, but one Department can manage multiple accounts.

In the event an Account has already been assigned to another Department, an alert window opens with an option to attach it to the current record.

If you click Yes, the Department record is saved, the Account is attached to the new Department, and the Account is no longer managed by the previous Department.

The read-only Users Section displays Users or Requestors that have this Department selected on their User Management record. If the Department is associated with an Account record listed in the Accounts Section on this Tab, the associated names display in this Section.

Utility Billing Tab

Use this Tab to record the Utility Type and related information about utility services applicable to this Department. The Tab is visible if you use the optional Utility module.

The Smart Route Tab is found on both the Repair Center and Department windows when your organization uses the optional Approval Routing module.

Use the Tab to select and rank, in order, any authorizers to be assigned when either the Repair Center or Department is selected on the Admin > Approval Routing > Approval Routing Criteria window.

In Add or Edit mode, click the Add Authorizer link to open the Smart Route Entry flyout.

You can assign one or more persons to the same level (Order number). Requests go through the chain of command when you require multiple approval levels. Having several authorizers per level helps you expedite approvals since only one person per level approves the Request.

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