Facilities - WebTMA 5

Path: Organization > Facilities

The highest required level of reporting is the facility.

Your organization can have more than one facility, and each facility can have any number of buildings linked to it. Information about the linked building is also displayed at the facility level.

The default name for this level can be changed to Plant, Campus, or another name the WebTMA System Administrator determines. Once set, this label should not be changed.

Costs roll up to this level from the lower levels such as buildings, floors, and areas.

Some of the Facilities Tabs, buttons, and check box options are found throughout WebTMA. These are described in the separate Help > Help Page > Common Functions document.

TIP:  If your facility level is the highest level, all costs roll up to that level.

How to Add Facility Records

Path: Organization > Facilities / Identity Tab

Only a few fields are required to create a facility record, but complete as many of the elective fields as possible for better records and reports. Since divisions, regions, and districts are optional, you may not see them.

  1. Click Add on the WebTMA toolbar.
  2. Type the Facility Code.
  3. Type the Facility Name
  4. Select the Type.
  5. Complete other elective fields as needed.
  6. Click the Repair Centers Tab and add repair centers affiliated with the facility.
  7. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.
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