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Path: Organization > Regions

The Region is an optional hierarchy level. It defines a large geographical region within a division such as a group of states. Your organization can have more than one region, and each region can have any number of districts linked to it. Information about the linked districts is also displayed at the region level.

Use the Regions / Identity Tab to add region records. The read-only Costs Tab displays the number of work orders, hours and costs for labor, parts, other, and contractors for the current year and the previous two years.

The current year costs for both year-to-date (YTD) and month-to-date (MTD) are also included on this Tab. The costs are taken from the work order records.

If you use the optional Contract Management module, the Contractors Tab is available to associate outside contractors who perform work for the region.

Costs roll up to the region from lower levels such as districts, facilities, and buildings. If you choose to make regions the highest level in the hierarchy, this is where you can review all costs for your organization.

The Total View Tab of the Regions window is similar to the Division Total View Tab with the exception that the highest level available for view is the region.

Information about the use of other Tabs on this window is found in the separate Help > Help Page > Common Functions document.

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