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The Multi-Currency module is exclusive to WebTMA Plus. The module allows you to view and save currency data in more than one currency. Using Multi-Currency settings, you can see selected currencies in records and reports.

While the underlying currency is always United States Dollars (USD), you can specify how you want to see currency displayed using the Default Display Currency field on the Identity Tab of your User record.

Add currency records for different countries and enter rates on the Exchange Rate Tab of the Currency window so they can be selected on your User record.

For applicable reports, the Print Option window includes fields to select the Currency and the Exchange Rate with an option to select the Latest rate. Latest pulls the most recent exchange rate available in WebTMA for that currency.

Multi-Currency Setup

Currency records should be set up first on the Currency window so they are available for selection in Client Info / Preferences and in User Management > Records / Identity–Default Display Currency.

In Admin > Client Info / Preferences-Multi-Currency, Multi-Currency Active must be granted in order to use the function. The Functional Currency in the Preference settings is read-only and is always USD. This standard currency can be converted to different currency values in reports. On the USD Currency record, the Functional Currency check box is marked automatically and is also read-only.

To see another currency displayed on the interface, select a different currency on your User record in the Default Display Currency field.

Currency Field Information

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